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President Julie Staub and Knysna Rotarians would like to extend grateful thanks to those who have donated to our COVID-19 programme. Thank you for making a difference to the lives who find themselves in difficult circumstances at this time.

As an initial response to the pandemic Rotary Knysna addressed the issue of prevention. Our taxi sanitisation and home sanitisation projects are both up and running and will continue under the auspices of the Knysna Municipality. Our club continues to support Dr Sprenger’s mask project.

We are now focusing on targeted food security. Rotary Knysna, together with KILT and other partner service organisations, is assisting the Knysna Municipality with its Social and Humanitarian Relief Programme for those whose livelihoods have been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown. Rotary Knysna manages the finances of the programme and facilitates the distribution of aid. A central database of applicants has been established and all applications are screened.

The project is a primarily voucher system whereby the beneficiary receives a redeemable food voucher via SMS. For those who fall outside the voucher system, we are allocating and distributing food packs of an equal value. We are using reputable service providers, Knysna Hope, for the issuing of vouchers. The Knysna Municipality team is responsible for the logistics of packing and delivering food parcels.

A recent development is that we are now assisting a number of vetted and licensed soup kitchens across a spread of areas.

We are in need of additional funding for our food security programme to occur on a large scale.

Donations may be made by EFT or Credit Card.

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We are liaising with the local Joint Operations Command, other service organisations and the Knysna Municipality in order to work towards a coordinated response to the need for food aid.

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